Discover new possibilities with our Personal Training programs. Burn, Build, Tune, or SHRED – whatever your goals, we have a personalized program just for you.

At every step you’re driven by passionate personal trainers backed by the latest science and knowledge of the fitness industry. Your are never alone. Our program. Your results.



Group Classes

More than workout classes, they’re experiences! Orchestrated by the industry’s best instructors. Explore the collection of our classes and dive into a new era of fitness.

At SHREDZ Fitness, our classes are designed to combine the right balance between physical intensity and fun.

You will be moving, shaking, burning and SHREDDING in every way imaginable.



Healthy Snacks

Nourish your body with post-workout snacks and protein shakes or pump your energy levels with pre-workout drinks.



Superior Facilities – State of the Art Equipment

Our facilities are specifically designed and equipped with all that it takes to satisfy all of our clients physical and mental goals.

Our facilities are not only filled with amazing equipment, they are also sparkling clean.

SHREDZ facilities also include a separate fully equipped Gym for Ladies-only.



More than just another Gym

At SHREDZ Fitness we only use scientifically proven methods to customize a training program just for you, to deliver real results. Our trainers always hit the floor armed with the latest science-backed training methods.

SHREDZ Gym in Kuwait City offers superior facilities for Men and Women with stunning sea views.

SHREDZ is not just another Personal Training Gym in Kuwait City, SHREDZ is fully equipped with all that it takes to deliver an amazing fitness experience.


Shredding is a workout that burns fat and make muscles appear more defined. Many programs promise to deliver those results, however success depends upon the right combination of:

  1. Cardio Training.
  2. Resistance Training.
  3. Nutrition



Lets Take This to the Next Level…

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